A Case Study of Some of Our Stakeholder Relationship Management Work

Stakeholder relations management is central to what we do – we are in the business of managing relationships, hotwiring new ones, and maintaining established ones. Our passion, focus and expertise lays in the art of relationship building and we continue to grow our network and resources to facilitate this.

The Brief:

When we first began working with Wilderness Safaris in Botswana, the assignment was based around a very particular issue to be managed. Having successfully done this, we saw an opportunity to do more, and support with long-term stakeholder relations. This is an incredible Botswana-born and based brand that is changing the very nature of eco-tourism and earning acclaim across the world. We wanted to strengthen relationships, perception, and engagement in Botswana.

What We Did:

This was always going to be a long-term assignment, but we tackled it in clear, purposeful stages. We worked on education and access to information on who Wilderness is and what they do – this meant strong, prolific content sharing with press and others. This ranges from editorial to interview opportunities and stakeholder events. We hotwired introductions and engagements with relevant stakeholders across industries against a clear stakeholder mapping plan. A large part of this was also ensuring that people experienced what Wilderness has to offer and what they do – for this, we hosted an experiential for key business media to help tell the Wilderness story in an objective point of view.

The Result:

With time, we have seen new relationships forged, existing ones strengthened, and an overall increased awareness and understanding of who this incredible business is and what they do.

Below are pictures from our efforts.

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