A Case Study of Some of Our Events & Experiences Work

For us, curating the perfect experience is about the little touches all coming together beautifully. Debswana trusted us to do this for them, and here is a quick insight into the project.

The Brief:

We were asked to deliver the Debswana Metallurgical Conference 2018, hosting 75 guests in Kasane for a 4 day conference. This included people from various locations and backgrounds, all of whom needed to learn and get to know each other better. They wanted something well-organised, engaging, and truly memorable, set in Kasane. This included eventing and experientials, hospitality, internal communications, and design and production as needed.

What We Did:

From the onset, we worked to identify the key objectives of the project with client. This was to ensure that all work delivered was truly relevant. To create a seamless, sensory and informative experience for attendees of the conference, thus positioning Debswana as a team of excellence. This meant a focus on ensuring strong, clear content and learnings as part of the programme; and working to ensure networking and mutually beneficial relationships are built that will last well into the future. We thought of every detail, from how guests received their invites, to drops offs and gifts throughout the duration of the conference to build onto the experience, conference set-up and activities, and extra-curriculars around the “Chemical Reaction + Physical Attraction” theme and key messaging. We delivered a custom Mobile App that allowed us to digitise the entire experience, from daily updates and surprises to gamification and on-App networking well beyond the conference.

The Result:

By client’s own admission, this was the most successful MetCon ever, not simply in terms of the ambiance and experience of all delegates, but because we managed to create an environment that promoted networking and relationship building, had documented learnings and outputs, and created a conversation that extended well beyond the 4 days.

Below is the Debswana Metallurgical Conference 2018 in pictures.

Client and/or Stakeholder Testimonial

“That’s it. Nobody needs to try next year. This was it, this was the best!” – Hendriena van der Walt (De Beers Marine, SA)

“As an outsider, I have to mention I was impressed really by your professiobalism. I have to thank Debswana organisers for all their efforts constructing such an event. Everything ran smoothly due to your efforts.” – Prof. Paul Serban Agachi (BIUST)

“Thank you for the participation. I could not ask for a better finale to the career.” – George Dallas

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