A Case Study of Some of Our Data Science: Research, Insights and Market Intelligence Work

We believe in insights-led work that allows for true relevance and value, with clear strategic purpose. We continue to lead the charge in research and insights in our industry, launching the first and only dedicated media perception survey in Botswana to date, with over a decade of research work in this space.

The Brief:

As a business who works within the media space, we felt it was imperative that we had real, relevant and meaningful insights that informed how we advise clients and partners to place media and to strategically lobby for content in the right publications and platforms. Statistics on newspaper circulation and radio and TV listenership and viewership was available; however, data on how consumers perceive these platforms and indeed individual media houses was needed. Sadly, no such data existed in Botswana. This inspired us to launch the Lilacs Media Perception Survey

What We Did:

Lilacs Media Perception Survey was introduced as a research platform to gather nationwide insights and perception as regards media consumption. We were not only the first to create this, but then also used the data to a) sell as research reports to interested parties, and b) use the insights gained to shape how we advise clients re media spend and media placement.  We then took it a step further by hosting media awards, sponsored by some of Botswana’s biggest brands, where media are recognised and rewarded for their efforts based on the research. Our nationwide research effort, in the 2018 edition, covered all 11 administrative districts in Botswana. This was based on physical and online survey methods of over 2,000 participants. From this, our internal team was supported by an external and objective data analyst to interpret and unpack the findings, giving birth to the Botswana Media Perceptions Report 2017/18. The report arrived at a crucial moment for the media industry in Botswana, reflecting trends worldwide and how these fundamental shifts in the media landscape impact all aspects of our industry. Providing an overview of the perceptions of media in Botswana in 2017/2018, this report also reflects on the last ten-years in this landscape, with a focus on trends, particularly in the last three years.

The Result:

The report continues to be invaluable in the market on how one should strategically approach media relations and media buying; to help determine direction in terms of editorial and content focus and strategy, and brand position in the market; and to “audit” the recommendations one’s media buy agency makes against empirical data.  As a perception-based study, it does not explore just circulation numbers of advertising revenues, but how Batswana actually perceive and consume the various forms of media at their disposal. The data from this research initiative, continues to be cited and called upon by corporates, agencies, consultancies, and even within the State of the Nation address itself when speaking to Government media perceptions. As a proud member of the Association of Commercial Researchers of Botswana (Founding Member), we are passionate about growing the research and data space in the local market for the benefit of local businesses. We believe this report contributes greatly to this cause, and continues to satisfy a gap in the market that allows us to all to stronger, more insights-led work in the marketing and communications industry.

His Excellency Lieutenant General Dr. Sir Seretse Khama Ian Khama even quoted our findings in his State of the Nation Address, and then Vice President of Botswana, Dr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe presided over one of our award platforms.

Below are pictures from the project.

Client and/or Stakeholder Testimonial

“In essence, what we witness this evening is a common understanding that the Lilac Media Awards are critical in the promotion and development of the industry.” – Honourable Vice President of the Republic of Botswana,  Dr. Kedikilwe in his keynote remarks at the 2013 Lilac Media Awards event

“I am also pleased to note that perception surveys continue to confirm that Batswana put their trust in BTV, Radio Botswana and the Daily News for accurate and responsible news and information.” – His Excellency The President of the Republic of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama in his 2012 State of the Nation Address

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