A Case Study of Some of Our Digital Content Development and Execution Work

We view digital as yet another platform we can leverage to drive communications in innovative, real-time and engaging ways. We inject digital content planning, development and measurement as part of an integrated communications approach. We were fortunate to be able to do so as part of the Most Teens health project, targeted towards 12-15 year-olds in Botswana.

The Brief:

Campaigns showing the prevalence and dangers of smoking, including amongst youth, abound. How then do we extend a clear message to a notoriously rebellious group such as young teens? And how do we make clear the very real challenge that exists: it is the perception of high smoking rates amongst youth – itself a fallacy – that often contributes to teens trying smoking for the first time? Our objective was to create greater awareness about the truth around teenage smoking, and use this information to effect behavioural changes amongst the youth.

What We Did:

We did our own research, exploring the mindset of our given youth – teens aged 13-18. We chose platforms of communication that not only had the power to go viral and to truly engage, but which would allow for a sense of ownership in the most relevant way. This would be their movement. We worked with academics, health care professionals, public personalities and social influencers, as well as “cool kids” that would help inspire other kids to get on board. We encouraged them to share their views, their “I don’t” selfies and their proclamations around not smoking through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, radio and across outdoor platforms. Activations welcomed kids to be a part of the movement. Most importantly we used word of mouth and word of mouse.

The Result:

We earned over USD50,000 in free publicity, and over 15,000 FB likes we had posts reaching up to 40,873 people worldwide. To date, we still receive enquiries from teens and influencers eager to get involved with this positive movement.

Below are pictures from the project.

Client and/or Stakeholder Testimonial

“Residents of Gaborone have found themselves rather intrigued by a mysterious new campagin that has been viewed across the city (…) Social media and radio waves are a-flurry” – Echo Newspaper

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