The success of any company is based on its ability to communicate!
It is no longer enough to place an advert in the media and await returns. Companies with long-term vision appreciate the importance of strategic interaction with its consumers and stakeholders. A thorough understanding of the media environment is of optimal importance. What are your target audience and stakeholders saying about your company? What are the latest trends in the industry? What implications do their opinions have on your business? How can you best communicate your services to your target audience?

We offer skills that will enable your organisation to monitor, nurture and strategically manage the above elements to generate optimal results. Over a period of 3 years, we have hosted Press Conferences, achieved impressive Media Coverage, created fora
for Direct Communication with the Media, conducted Research to identify consumer Needs, and measure effectiveness of our clients’ media relations, Interpreted Media Reports to client satisfaction and worked behind the scenes to elevate the profile and recognition of our clients' brands and services. At HOTWIRE, our Public Relations department can do all of that for you and your company. We are in the business of relationship management and communication management.

HOTcreative focuses on creating strong brand awareness. All enhanced with supplementary Public Relations and Events activities. When considering the intended outcomes and goals of a campaign and what role events play, HOTWIRE looks at campaigns and events from a strategic point of view by analysing the brand intrinsics, strategic plans, creative developments, current marketplace and client issues. HOTWIRE creative’s impressive client base includes Debswana, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation, Bye-Bye Bird, HRMC, Bokomo Botswana, Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited, Botswana Building Society among others.

Each project at HOTWIRE is treated as an opportunity to enhance and add value to your brand, product, or service through the unique language of creative design. With a passion for thought provoking, stimulating ideas, we continually strive for new styles of splendour. With a creative fusion of ingenuity and experience, HOTWIRE transcends traditional marketing practice we like to exceed expectation.

W.E. - you and us

So you have a strong brand? Through your marketing and public relations work, people know who you are and what you do. This should ensure you can grow your market share, right?


Consumers want more out of the relationship with your brand. Beyond reading about you and seeing your adverts, they want to 'feel' your brand. They want to 'experience' the brand. They want to meet the brand. In other words they want to relate to the person behind the brand, this is where we come in.

W. E. Brings brands to life.

We DON'T do functions. We DON’T do events. We create EXPERIENCES.

Our unique events are beyond snacks and speeches. WE consider the aspirations and vision of your brand.

A brief description of what we have done at Wired Events.

• SAT Brand launch
• GTV Brand launch
• Coca Cola Cup launch
• Notwane Eggs Promotion

And now for a little praise; "SAT really brought the message home to me about the awesome places their country has to offer,'' Guest at SAT Branch launch, June 2007. "G.T.V gave a fantastic taste of what they are bringing to the market," Guest at G.T.V launch, October 2007. "Meeting Abedi Pele is something I will never forget," Stanbic client at branch activation, November 2007



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